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writings + reports

Forbes Crypto Contributions

Messari Research –– pieces focused on NFTs, DAOs, and Web3

Web3: in a nutshell –– explanation of Web3

2020 Venture Capital Executive Compensation Trend Report –– 2020 executive compensation trends: Option Impact, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley

Who and When to Start Hiring: Workforce Composition Analysis for Startups –– typical workforce composition in VC-backed startups: Option Impact, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley

Audio-First: Becoming the Next Player in Social Media –– rise of audio social amid the pandemic

What Companies Need to Consider In Wake of The Algorithm Economy –– a look at ethical data modeling

misc projects

Product Tienda –– Discord community for PMs and founders

Up To Us: 2020 Elections –– GenZ collective formed to get more voters to the polls

Project Protect App –– UC Merced Engineering Service Learning, Fall 2017

NLP Recommendation Engine –– Harvard University, Summer 2017

E2C Lab Researcher –– made + studied solid oxide fuel cells, Spring 2017